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Rental audit is also known as Lease Audit in Singapore and is  carried out to ensure that the charges paid by the rent paying party are correct. Our team has long-standing experience in the evaluation of lease or rental terms, making us the perfect provider for your rental audit needs.

What should I know about Rental Audit in Singapore?

A rental audit or a lease audit is an audit that is normally conducted when tenants need to make sure that their landlords don’t overcharge them and discover whether there are any discrepancies in the lease agreement. In this case, the auditors will be reviewing the lease agreement and other related documents between the tenant and the landlord. This will help tenants avoid blindly paying the amount that their landlords charge them.

In reality, many tenants probably won’t have sufficient knowledge of their landlord’s cost allocations. Some problems that tenants might also encounter is that their landlords don’t properly manage the amount they’re billing due to the complexity of the process. In many cases, this could result in the landlords not billing the tenants the right amount due to charging the tenants non-reimbursable fees or including improper items.

Lease audit is essential since it will avoid tenants paying rent in excess while at the same time benefit the landlords in terms of avoiding errors. In general, a rental audit will help both parties avoid foul play and provide financial transparency.

Our team of audit experts at S H Tang & Associates are certified professionals who will assist you in ensuring that all your billings are correct and give you confidence and assurance in your transactions.

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What We Provide for Rental Audit

Lease Portofolio Audit

Annual Reconciliation &
Operating Expense Audit

Audit of Tenant Income Statement

Calculation of Real Estate Taxation