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S H Tang & Associates provide comprehensive business consulting services consisting of audit of financial statements, accounting services, auditing, payroll preparation, tax consulting to support customers in a variety of businesses to achieve your business objectives.

We operate with a multidisciplinary team of the highest quality and standards. Our team of professionals are experienced in dealing with both domestic and international clients, resulting in cost-efficient, independent and engagement.

Long-standing experience across industries

Our Sectors


Working in an increasingly competitive and global marketplace, industry players have to rethink their strategies and review their business models to maintain or increase their market share.

Media & Telecommunications

With disruptions that changed the world, global consumers have to be able to come up with more effective and cost-efficient way of communicating.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

The vast development of technology comes hand in hand with the uncertainty of new diseases that challenge industry players to remain resilient. Find out the best solution to  manage your resources in a changing environment.


Emerging new technology such as AI is expected to grow sporadically in the industry. Your journey with us will be filled with innovative ideas for pushing your business to be connected and well informed with latest technology.

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Our Audit Services

Rental Audit<br />
A rental audit is conducted when tenants need to make sure that their landlords don’t overcharge them and discover whether there are any discrepancies in the lease agreement.</p>
<p>Internal Audit<br />
Improve your performance and ensure good corporate governance such as Policy, Internal Control, Governance, Human Resources.</p>
<p>Non-profit Organization Audit<br />
Audit of non-profit entities or non-profit organizations such as charities, clubs, social enterprises, cooperatives, societies and business chambers.</p>
<p>IT Audit<br />
Control of the overall information technology infrastructure such as Security and Cybersecurity,<br />
Data and Storage, Hardware and Software, Technology, Risk Management policies.<br />
Internal Audit</p>
<p>Grant/Special Audit<br />
Completing grants audits for a variety of funders, including: EDB grants,<br />
NAC grants, Sports Singapore grants.</p>
<p>External/Annual Audit<br />
Identify areas in your bookkeeping, Obtain credibility through your financial statements, cash flow and internal controls.</p>

Can’t find the services you’re looking for? Worry not, we adjust our services based on your needs.

S H Tang & Associates LLP provides customised services and plans for every client. We are highly experienced and skilled in delivering tailored programs for your unique challenges.

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What Our Clients Say

We have engaged S H Tang & Associates for several years now for our Annual Audit to fulfil govt’s requirements. Tang and his team are excellent & fully understand the nature of our business. The firm is more than helpful to our business and a pleasure to deal with at all times. We value the service we get from S H Tang & Associates and cannot speak highly enough of their prompt and efficient service.

L. B, Technology Company
We have been working with S H Tang & Associates since 2013. Our audits were completed in time and the process was smooth. The team was always hands-on in answering all of our queries. 10/10 would recommend fellow business players to engage them.

– A.P, Wellness Business
We found S H Tang & Associates to be an efficient audit firm. They gave our deliverables in fast manner and they always informed us of any changes. The team is very dedicated and their customer service is second to none. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other companies.

E. P, Media Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have experience with my kind of business?
Not all businesses are handled the same way from an audit standpoint and having a firm that understands your field is very helpful. Our qualified auditor works with various types of industries and businesses, and we have experience across the board in terms of different industries. We encourage you to contact us today to find out more about how we can be of service.
How much does the audit cost?
Our audit service is cost-effective and is competitively priced. We are designed to help you reduce your overheads. The most important benefit is to get the work done at a reasonable cost and in a much more efficient way.
Do you communicate by email or other online means?
Most professional firms use email, and many use Skype, teleconferencing, and other online services. At S H Tang & Associates, we are available for you through emails, phone, or one-on-one meetings for all your audit needs. At S H Tang & Associates you will also have direct access to a qualified accountant to answer any of your questions.
What are the benefits of an audit by S H Tang & Associates?
Audit with us allows you to lower expenditures on fixed costs and control variable costs that can result in savings. We will also handle the time-consuming verification and documentation effectively using our skilled staff. We offer a global knowledge base that delivers the same level of output, but with excellent quality and You will be able to gain access to new markets as you will be supported by our skilled resources.
How long will an audit take?
Audits usually take up to a few months which consists of different phases such as planning, execution and finalization. However the timeframe can also be affected by other factors such as the company’s size and complexity of its structure and transactions.
What is an audit and who can perform one?
An audit is an examination of relevant evidence that supports the numbers and disclosures in financial statements. The auditor will also assess the significant judgements and estimates made by the directors of the company in preparing those financial statements. The auditing framework that auditors use are the International Standards on Auditing (Singapore) and in order to carry out this work the auditor must be a member of any appropriate regulatory body such as the ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) & Singapore Standards on Auditing (SSAs).
Why is an audit needed?
Audits provide increased reliability and credibility to an organization’s financial statements. As a result this gives confidence to stakeholders and integrity of financial markets. Without audits the financial markets would be based on possibly fictitious financial statements which hold no value to society.