Internal Audit Services for Companies In Singapore

Delivering Assurance to your Internal Operations

Our internal audit service offers a fresh approach to internal audit for companies in Singapore. With in-depth knowledge and experience to bring you expert advice and assurance, we can support your organisation with a full-scope internal audit that provides confidence about your existing operations and identifies most suitable solutions.

Why do you need an Internal Audit?

An effective internal audit service can play a vital role in helping you maintain a strong governance and risk management framework. Not only can it help you identify and mitigate key strategic and operational risks, but it can also support you in identifying new opportunities to grow and diversify your business.

If you want to improve your performance and ensure good corporate governance, you need an independent, objective and rigorous audit of your business. You also need one that is geared towards understanding your goals and ambitions, and one that supports you to achieve them. Our team will review your internal controls, governance, HR and policy approaches to ensure compliance.

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What We Can Offer You



Establish a connected, enterprise-wide policy and procedure management process where policies are auditable, consistent, accessible, and always up to date.


Internal Control

Connect risk and control information across your company to achieve greater efficiency and transparency.



Centralise your risk and compliance strategy across the organization. Connect people, processes, and data to reduce risk, increase control, and enable insight.


Human Resources

Improve your HR function and organisation competitiveness, ensure you are compliant with ever changing employment law, and identify and solve problems before they become unmanageable.