Grant Audit and Special Audit Services for Companies In Singapore

Our grant audit and special audit team can help you meet the compliance requirements surrounding the audit of your grants. We understand the urgency in this work given the tight reporting deadlines and myriad of requirements. 

Why do you need an auditor for your grants?

There are a wide variety of grants and funding sources available for businesses from bodies in Singapore. Organisations that have been awarded funding by government body grants often have to have the claim audited as part of the grant conditions. 

We perform all our grant audits in a timely and cost efficient manner to ensure that you stay on top of your responsibilities and help ensure your funding continues to be made available.

Looking for a reliable Grant Auditor? Let us take care of the paperwork!

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What Type of Grants Audit Do You Deal With?

Our team has many years of experience for a variety of grants audit

EDB grants (Economic Development Board)

To develop high-value and substantive economic activities in Singapore, EDB  encourages businesses to upgrade their capabilities or expand the scope of their business operations in Singapore through several incentives and schemes for Growing Industries, Innovation, R&D, Capability Development and Productivity.

NAC grants (National Arts Council)

The National Arts Council (NAC)’s Creation Grant supports the creation, adaptation and re-development of distinctive artistic content. Through a rigorous creation process to expand the canon of works that engage audiences at home and abroad. 

Sports Singapore grants

Working together with MCCY, Sports Singapore has implemented support measures which complement the Government’s initiatives (through the Unity, Resilience, Solidarity and Fortitude Budgets) to help both individuals and businesses transform and emerge stronger from Covid-19.

Others Grant

There are a host of others which require a grant audit, which we can also undertake for you. We have many years of experience in this specialist area completing grants audits for a variety of funders and if you are looking into getting a grant, our experienced team can help you put together an application to maximise your chances of successfully securing funding from Singapore grant-awarding bodies. Talk to us if you’re interested in this service.