S H Tang & Associates

More than just delivering successful engagements

Singapore’s reliable auditors and consultants

S H Tang & Associates provides clients with a wide range of quality audit & business consulting. With our certified team, S H Tang & Associates help companies address their issues head on. 

With multidisciplinary auditors, we focus on providing appropriate audit through combining expertise from different sectors and latest technology development. Our partnership doesn’t end with successful engagement, we will ensure your journey with us is one that will transform your business.

Our Belief

Our core value in conducting business is bringing professional auditors who will give their best advice and bring stakeholders confidence while maintaining compliance with the regulations. Not only that, we strive to bring the most appropriate, tailored services to our clients. 


Build meaningful relationships amongst stakeholders & be the catalyst of positive changes in organisations.


Empowering individuals and local communities to do meaningful work and build fruitful relationships so people and organisations can thrive.